June 18, 2009

Frequently Ask Question

First the big question everyone asks:

What is chocolate?

Very finely ground cocoa suspended in cocoa butter. It takes days to grind chocolate smooth enough to use. The finer the grinding of the cocoa the smoother it tastes and the more cocoa butter, the faster it melts in your mouth and more expensive it is.

Where does it come from?

Most comes from Africa and South America and the different beans make chocolate flavor as different as coffee beans do coffee flavor.

Who made chocolate so popular?

The Maya and Aztec people, who drank it from pure gold cups, knew about it before1500 BC as Theobroma (Food of the Gods) , but Columbus brought it back to Europe as a bitter drink which caught on. It took Europeans 250 years to create the first chocolate bar. The giant leap for the masses came in the 1800’s when Henri Nestle found a way of adding milk and sugar to the mix. . Eureka… I think he got it.

Why does everyone love chocolate?

Actually we have run across a couple of people that said they didn’t like chocolate. We are unsure whether they were lying, or have some rare genetic defect.

How long will chocolate last?

Generally dark chocolate lasts up to two years if stored right (below 70 degrees) and milk chocolate should last up to a year.

What is that white film that is sometimes found on chocolate?

It is simply the cocoa butter that has come to the surface from mishandling. Too much heat or several cycles of heating and freezing can do it. It is still safe to eat.

How much chocolate can a person eat?

As much as you want of course. Now that we know that chocolate doesn’t cause cavities, pimples, and actually has anti-oxidants that are good for you, the sky is the limit. The average American eats upwards of 27 pounds of chocolate a year. Our employees are allowed to eat as much as they want. What a crime it would be to work in a chocolate factory and not be allowed to eat what you make. (I’ll bet Hershey’s doesn’t allow workers to snag kisses off the line.)

How do you ship in warm weather?

We use reusable ice packs when needed and ship overnight. Just throw these in your freezer and use them to keep your drinks cold when traveling.

And if you have any other questions, we would be pleased to try to answer them. So, what are waiting for? Email us your enquiries :)